Choose from the options given below and make your event an experience beyind compare.


Starting from a Massive orchestra to a single oud player, Enjoy the soothing sounds of the Oriental instruments include++-ing Oud, Table Kanoun, Nay and Violin played by our exclusive expert musicians and orchestras.

Group Dancers

For your Special Events and For those who enjoy traditional folklore dances, check out our range of exclusive group dancers from Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt and the UAE (Harbiya, Aayala, Naachat, Razifa, Belly Dancers candle Dancers and many others).

Belly Dancers

Make your event of any kind something memorable for yours, we can provide you the best options of professional belly dancers from Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Brazil and Russia who preforms on Traditional music, Khalijee, solo, dabka and others. Led Wings, stick, and snake can be used to make the show more funny and perfect.

Dabka / Zaffa

There can be nothing better to start your wedding or event with, the most energetic weddings most start with Zaffa. For lovers of line dances performed at weddings and other joyous occasions, check what we have for you from Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, and Morocco.

Tanoura Dancers

Do you enjoy Egyptian and Syrian folk dances like the Tanoura? How about having some impressive Tanoura Dancers at your event?

international entertainment

Global businesses deal with clients from across the world. Some of them might like to witness traditional Arabic entertainment. for those who are more at home enjoying international entertainment, Layalina Events & Entertainment provides a selection of the best entertainers from across the globe.


Singers are staples for keeping your audience entertained throughout the event. Our list of options includes solo singers as well as group singers that can impress you with all types of music on your request.


From one-person shows to duets, trios, quarters and more, we have the most exclusive bands from across the world including countries like the caribbean, Australia, Canada, United states, South Africa, United Kingdom, Philippines, Russia, Colombia, India, and Brazil. We also have Cover Party brands and Tribute Shows, as well Lounge performers.


Regardless of whether your event has singers or dancers, you will need musicians to accompany them. Our range of Proffessionals includes solo as well as group performs. Our list of proffessionals from all arround the world includes: Pianists, Guitarists, Violonists, Harpists, Saxophonists, Accordionists, Cellists, Instrumentialists, Etc…


Brose through our options of different kind of professional dancers to find the perfect ones for your event. we have Samba, Flamenco, Tango, Salsa, Waltz dancers, as well as Russian tradtional dancers, Spanish dancers, Brazilian Show and carnival dancers, Ballet dancers, etc…

Circus Performers

A performance by circus entertainers is a sure-fire way of engaging your audience’s attention. Check out the various entertainments acts we provide in circus entertainment. This includes, Fire Blowers, Fire Dancers, Stilt Walkers, etc…


A wonderful International selection, of DJ’s, Latin, English, Arabic and Indian ready to make your party a lasting memory For your Guests

Hosts, Presenters & More

Events and functions almost always need a touch of glamour and compering. Read on of more details of our hosts and presenters who can drirect you event with their astute grasp of the pulse of the audience. They are: MC’s, Presenters, Caricaturists, Calligraphers, Henna Designers, Strolling Cocktail Table, Shisha, Coffee & Tamarind Service, Etc…

Top Models, Hostesses & Promoters

whether it is a product launch or a media-event, an exhibition or a photo-shoot, we have a wide selection of fully trained, attractive and friendly hostesses, promoters and models at your disposal. we also offer demonstrators, top models, ushers, assistants and event staff.

Children’s Entertainers

To keep your young audience enthralled, we have the perfect recipe to make your event a success – our range of entertainers and performers for children includes Face Painters, Cartoon Characters, Clowns, Magicians, etc…

Entertainment events we specialise in

Unlike other event management companies, we have handled a variety of events over the past eighteen years. Our versatile and professional events include Staff Parties, award Ceremonies, Gala Dinners, Product Launches, Theme Events, Weddings, Cruise Events, Desert Events, Festivals, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Conferences, Among Many Others.

Sound and Light Effects

Without the proper sound and lighting effects, your event could well fade out from people’s memories. This is where we give you an edge over others by providing you the very best in sound and light effects. We provide Audio Mixers, Audio Players, Stage Monitors, Speakers, Disco Lights, Strobe Lights, Laser Lights, Smoke Machines, and other equipment as needed.

Decor and aesthetic effects

Utilise our range of decor and aesthetic effects to enchant your audience and leave them spellbound. we also organise stage decorations, videography and photography for your events. We provide Stages & Dance Floors, Balloons, Koshas, Flowers, Tents, Fireworks, and more.